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Sticky Sticky: Welcome

16. April 2013 - written by Alxeia at 14:25


You have stumbled across the website for The Legacy guild who hail from The Sha'tar and fight for the Alliance.

We are a level 25 guild who pride themselves on being different to the rest. As a home to parents, have-to-leave-all-of-a-sudden-kind-of-folk, social people and old farts.

We have a strict "No children" policy because most of us have them at home.

We hope to provide a fun environment for everyone to explore Azaroth and beyond the way they please, whether it be PvE, PvP, RP etc

We use TeamSpeak for regular chat sessions.

If you are a new member then please pop along to the forum and say hi, if you are interested then fill in the application form and we will get back to you.

Happy travelling.

All Heroic Cataclysm Dungeons Completed

1. June 2013 - written by strongy at 10:35

well done people.

One Thousand Guild Achievement Points

31. May 2013 - written by strongy at 02:07

well done people, lets keep up the good work.

Heroic Firelands has been extinguished.

28. May 2013 - written by strongy at 16:00

we downed all bosses on heroic mode today :D

congratulations to everyone, it took us a while but we finally did it :)

Guild Level 20

24. May 2013 - written by strongy at 20:11

well done people :D

Recent Downtime

17. May 2013 - written by strongy at 21:45

Unfortunately someone forgot to feed Lil' Deathwing and then he got bored and used Cataclysm on the Harddrive you might find pages that still chared from the fire damage.

Recent Achievements

13. May 2013 - written by strongy at 13:02

Level 17... no more second class post from guildies :D

We succesfully downed Jin'rokh the Breaker on 10 man normal :D

Scenario Roundup

Heroic: DeadMines Guild Run

Congrats to Griphon on getting Pandaren Ambassador (i still say Golden Lotus is the worst :p)

Congratulations Brad

9. May 2013 - written by Alxeia at 20:05

I hope everyone will join me in congratulating Brad who has earned the rank of Legacy within the guild.

He has been with us from the start, even before The Legacy had their charter signed we would drag him over from his previous server and he was brave enough to run Isle of Thunder Dailies with Nathalie and myself-he would have been dead and lost without us!

Thank you for all the work and fun you have poured into the guild over the last month Brad, it hasn't gone un-noticed <3

Throne of the Four Winds

4. May 2013 - written by strongy at 23:02

Well done everyone :)

Lich King 25 Man Heroic Downed

4. May 2013 - written by strongy at 22:40

Congrats and thanks to everyone who came along was fun :)

The Frozen Throne - Guild Edition

29. April 2013 - written by strongy at 10:49

In the course of completing Anguish's Infusions, we Downed the Lich King at the same time earning the guild achivement.

Alxeia, Regenerator, Camea, Shandrakanta, Cryosis, Nethanial, Anguish

Further Photos Available in Gallery > Raids :)

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